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Micheline Lamarre Hadjis SCA


This new site covers an evolution of styles and periods of my art.

Original paintings may be viewed by appointment at my studio.

High quality prints on canvas are also available.

Original Vibrant Abstract Paintings

Your Majesty
Boca a Boca
Envol des Écumes
Curious Discus
Leo & Son
Japanese Garden

 Welcome to Mila's Creations if you are looking for original vibrant abstract paintings. You will find both unique and original modern abstract paintings at Mila's Creations, perfect for the dining room, living room, or bedroom.

Original vibrant abstract paintings can be the centerpiece of a room, the piece that ties a room together, or add a touch of class, elegance, and beauty to your home. Mila's Creations offers a wide range of themes and styles, from modern abstract paintings to a variety of techniques and prints.

There is more to art than just a picture hung on the wall. The proper item has the power to move us, change a space, or communicate with us in mysterious ways. Explore the gallery, lose yourself in a print, and maybe even find something for your house or place of business at Mila's Creations.

We appreciate you visiting Mila's Creations, where creating art is both our business and our passion. To appreciate and enjoy art, you don't even need to be an art enthusiast or connoisseur. We at Mila's Creations also adore the fact that art is accessible to all people.

Prints on Canvas

Print on canvas are among the most reasonably priced art mediums available today and have been around for decades.  We usually find the same look of excitement and fascination whenever someone sees a quality print on canvas hanging on a wall.

We at Mila's Creations still value the distinctive appearance and texture of giclee print types, and we provide them in our collection. Giclee prints never go out of style because they offer so many different possibilities. That's what distinguishes them from other art options in addition to their adaptability at a cheap price.

Mila's Creations welcomes you if you're searching for vivid and original artwork, modern abstract art, or high-quality print alternatives.

We appreciate you spending time with us and exploring the area. Please get in touch with us if you see or locate something that captures your attention or that you would want to order; we will be pleased to assist you.

We create art here at Mila's Creations, for everyone.


Want to Own a Piece of Beauty? Start Your Art Journey with Mila creations Now! Explore Painting Reproduction in Montreal QC

Our art pieces, rooted in the enchanting realm of painting reproduction in Montreal QC, are more than just decor—they're windows into worlds of imagination, passion, and emotion. With each stroke of the brush, our artists at Mila creations breathe life into canvases, creating pieces that resonate with the soul. Start your journey into the realm of beauty today and let Mila's creations adorn your world with elegance and sophistication.

Why Choose Milacreations Art for Painting Reproduction in Montreal QC?

Uniqueness Redefined

In a world inundated with replicas, Mila creations creations stand out for their sheer uniqueness, offering exquisite painting reproduction in Montreal QC. Each piece is an original famous art reproduction in Montreal qc, ensuring that the art adorning your space is as distinct as you are.


Quality Craftsmanship

Mila Creations is committed to delivering not just art but a testament to craftsmanship.  Each piece is crafted to be an original masterpiece. The result is a collection that exudes quality and artistic excellence.


A Personalized Touch

Looking for modern art reproductions in montreal qc that resonate with your personality? Mila Creations offers a personalised touch, allowing clients to commission pieces tailored to their preferences. Your space deserves art that mirrors your style – Mila's creations ensure that connection.

Navigating Milacreations Art Gallery - Art Reproductions on Canvas in Montreal QC

Discover Collections Tailored for You

Mila Creations Art Gallery is a curated space that caters to diverse tastes. Whether you're drawn to vibrant modern pieces, timeless classics, or thought-provoking abstracts, there's something in her collection that will speak directly to you. Additionally, we offer a stunning selection of figurative paintings modern wall art paintings in Montreal QC.

Easy Exploration and Purchase

Exploring and acquiring Mila's Creations is a seamless experience. The artist's online gallery provides a user-friendly interface, allowing art enthusiasts to browse through the collection effortlessly. With just a few clicks, you can bring a piece of Mila's creations art into your life.

Art That Resonates with Emotion

Mila's creations are not merely decorative; they evoke emotions. Whether it's the calming effect of nature-inspired pieces or the invigorating energy of abstract compositions, her art has the power to create an emotional connection with the viewer. Mila's Creations is your destination for luxury paintings in Montreal QC.

Transform Your Space, Transform Your Mood

Art has the remarkable ability to influence the ambience of a space. Mila's creations go beyond being visually appealing; they transform your environment, creating an atmosphere that reflects the essence of the artwork.

Embark on an Artistic Journey with Mila

If you're yearning for art that goes beyond the ordinary, Mila's creations captivating creations are a gateway to a world of artistic excellence. Explore her gallery, and let the brushstrokes of uniqueness and emotion adorn your life.

Join an Online Community

In the heart of Montreal's rich artistic tapestry, Mila's creations stand as a beacon for those who appreciate the beauty and cultural significance of timeless masterpieces. Through a harmonious blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, the studio continues to redefine the art of painting reproduction in Montreal QC. Connect with other artists and share your work and tips online.

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